About us

Who we are

We started in 2012 in Eastern Europe and in two years became the largest operator of online printing in this area. We print an average 2000 orders per day.

What we do

We print the highest quality standard products of the short and medium runs at the lowest price in the market.

Where we are

Our site cover following countries - Italia, Austria, Slovenia. Also in 2015 planned to cover other countries in Europe.


Dubrovin sm

My mission

Provide the highest level of quality to each company, every entrepreneur, regardless of the budget and the cost of the order. We developed the software that collects various orders for one print sheet, which gives savings of up to 90% compared with traditional printing technology. Beginner entrepreneurs must have the best marketing materials at the lowest price to attract customer. Now you do not need to freeze the money in a large print run to save. You can print as many as you need today, while not overpaying penny ever on a short runs.

Ivan Dubrovin, Co-Founder